Why Every Kid Should Have The Youtube Kids App

The best way for any child to experience Youtube.

Youtube Kids is  a great app. From the moment you turn it on you are greeted by a fun animation  that gets you in the mood to find some great Youtube videos.

YT Kids Animation
Youtube Kids Animation

The magic of Youtube is that  you can find just about anything you can imagine on it, however that can leave some uncertainty for parents  as again, you can find anything you can imagine. Thats where Youtube Kids shines brightest, as it allows kids to explore Youtube as a form of creative expression while still being contained in a safe environment.

First and foremost, safe search is on by default, not allowing any of the more worrisome content to slip into view of young eyes. In fact, what is really cool is if you go into the options, you can disable search completely! Pretty cool stuff.

Diving further into the settings, you can customize the type of content based on age range such as preschool , school age, or all kids – giving a more tailored Youtube to the youth in question.

Another cool feature is the timer,  allowing you to control the amount of time your child can view Youtube for. As great as Youtube is, it is no substitute for family time!

Youtube Kids app layout

Probably my favorite thing about the entire app is  how great the layout is. It is simple and clean, which makes it easy to use for learning hands, whilst still being engaging for an older audience. The buttons at the top allow for quick access to the kind of content a child may want to view and they are easy to understand for non readers by their recognizable icons.

Youtube really went all out to make this experience as easy to use for kids of all ages, and the polish really shines. Kids can discover new and exciting content that not only will be interesting for them at the time, but may inspire them to create content of their own and in my opinion that alone is worth a five star rating.


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